A Windows Phone user has created a new concept of Surface Phone. The concept also shows an improved version of Windows 10 Mobile. He has created a concept of how Windows 10 Mobile could be great in terms of user experience. Overall the new Surface Phone concept looks absolutely stunning as it is based on the highly requested features.

The lock screen now shows Cortana, Weather, Groove Music controls and it also lets you listen to any music with one tap. When you’ll hold the music control, the 3D touch brings the other Groove Music features. The action centre has been revamped as well, it comes with brightness, music controls and much more.

Furthermore, the fluent design on lock screen makes the device look even stunning. Just like the cancelled Lumia McLaren, the concept shows the Surface Phone with a 3D touch screen. The device features a large qhd display with a fingerprint scanner on the integrated start screen button. It has a 20-megapixel camera on the both front and back.

Another highly-requested feature of interactive lives titles is shown in this concept. The concept looks awesome and you can watch the video to know more.

  • This is sucks. Looks like Android on good Windows UI with some iOS shit.

  • Peter Bezemer

    Only good thing about it is artist listening to Hans Zimmer

  • eternal

    Just buy an Android

    • Kevin

      Screw that

  • Rupert Holmes

    More Camera, please. All I wanted was a faster 1020. I carry the 950XL now. Nowhere near the camera of the 1020, yet compared to the newer phones, it is still better.

  • Zam Well

    skin or theme changer for mobile (y)

  • Boose

    Concept pretend phone, really? What is the point?

  • Ryan Varley

    It’s beautiful design and a well put together video. It seems likely that Microsoft’s next device will probably be a folding design though. This phone would have been great as the next Lumia. In fact, its a crying shame that Microsoft didn’t wait until better hardware came out and release that instead of the x50 range.

  • Steven Fobian

    I’m so tired of only seeing concept designs. Microsofts extreme silence regarding Windows 10 Mobile and their extremely vague mentionings regarding the future of Windows 10 Mobile is pushing even some of the most loyal of customers into the hands of Android and IOS. Even I am considering jumping ship soon, after close on ten years dedication to Windows Phone, to the new Nokia flagship if Microsoft doesn’t catch a wake up

  • Alhanalem

    I’ve enjoyed my WP10 phone for a while now but the lack of app support is starting to get frustrating.

  • No BS

    That looks good and that is probably why the current management at Microsoft is not going to implement any of it :-( .