Speed up your Windows 10 Mobile
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Let’s speed up your Windows 10 Mobile by tweaking the phone’s registry. Windows 10 Mobile is still a unpolished operating system. Windows 10 Mobile performance is below average on low-end Windows Phones. Your Windows 10 Mobile Device was probably fast when you first bought it but over time the performance degraded. In this article, we are going to tell you a hack that will speed up your Windows 10 Mobile.

Note: Windows Latest is not responsible for any damage that may occur while editing your phone’s registry. Do it at your own risk.

First, you will need to interop unlock your phone. If you own a Lumia X50, follow the below method.

  • Download the ndtk_acer_services.zip. It contains acer.service.acersystemservice.spkg, NdtkSvc.dll, and newndtksvc.dll.
  • On your phone, navigate to settings and turn on developer mode.
  • Download vcregUWP_1.7+dependencies.zip.unzip and install dependencies and the vcreg appx.
  • You can also download Windows Phone SDK 8.0 Lite and deploy the xap.
  • Sideload vcREG_1_7.xap using WP8 xap deployer

If you own a older Windows Phone, follow the below method to interop unlock your phone.

  • Open Codeplex to download and install WPTools.
  • On the app bar, choose classic unlock.
  • If the app suddenly stops working, it means you have probably installed the latest extras+info update. To overcome this issue, Choose the option “Restore NDTK” in the “classic unlock” page and reboot to regain access to the elevated features.

Now you’ve interop unlocked your Windows Phone. Follow the below steps to improve Windows 10 Mobile performance.

How to speed up your Windows 10 Mobile

  • Interop unlock your phone to gain the ability to edit registry, (follow above steps).
  • Edit the registry using the app. You can also use the Interop Tools.
  • Navigate to local HLM/SYSTEM/Setup/WOF.
  • For example if you have a Lumia 950, change the value of CurrentMhz, MaxMhz and RAMSizeMB to the following:
  • CurrentMhz: 1800
    MaxMhz: 1800
    RAMSizeMB: 3000

If you own a Lumia 640, you can set the value to 1190Mhz.

  • kokobill

    No need for this operation, l640 runs OK

  • Fede

    This could not overheat the phone and drain the battery faster?

    • Mayank Parmar

      This would overheat the phone. But not too much. Only positive impack is the performance is much better.

  • shivaji namburu

    I am using lumia 730 windows 10 official build.pls give a detailed information how to perform this hack

  • Harsimranpreet Singh

    Hi.. I’m using Lumia 640. Plz, tell me what values should I fill ??

  • skan8

    How to open wptools application file on my lumia 950?

  • Jimmy Wu

    Has this registry key changed? I am new to all this and I can’t seem to find this key