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Windows Phone 8.1 officially died on 11th July but the company is still supporting Windows 10 Mobile operating system. Windows 10 Mobile lacks many key features like landscape start screen, full-featured action center, apps and the list goes on. It is not only about the features but even the performance of Windows 10-powered phone is not as good as it was with Windows Phone 8.1.

Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar who is the head of Windows Insider program confirmed that new features are coming to mobiles. She clearly stated the devices that are mobile will receive new features. “We continue to invest in it, you see new builds every week, it depends on what you mean by a feature,” she stated.


“We’re planning a lot of features that will go on devices that are mobile. There are devices that are mobile, devices that you carry with you everywhere, we’re planning lots and lots of features and functionalities for those kinds of devices.” – Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar.

However, there is no mention of Windows 10 Mobile in the statement. We should not forget those Surface Laptops, tablets could also be the devices that are mobile. Although, it could be possible that Dona is referring Windows 10 Mobile in her statement. As the recent leaks also confirmed that Windows 10 Mobile is set to receive a major update.

Microsoft has been working on some major upgrades for Windows Phones with the introduction of CShell on the phone. The CShell will bring similar UI across the Windows Ecosystem for the existing Windows 10 shell components of windows like the start screen, action center etc. Composable Shell (CShell) is basically an ‘adaptive shell’ that scale Windows 10 to any form depending on the screen size of the device.

What features would you like to see on your Windows Phone?

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