Microsoft has today updated the Outlook mobile apps on iOS and Android with new features. Microsoft had last month updated these apps with few new features. Microsoft has made many changes to the overall design of the apps on both the platforms this time. The new design allows the switching of accounts and finding the mail folders very easy.

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Microsoft has integrated their Graph service into the new Search functionality which has been kept front and at the center of this new update. Note when you search you will not only get the mail searched but also the related files, people etc. Search page has a section named TODAY which will show details from your mail like if you have any meeting scheduled or any flight to attend. This update also includes the easier reply to your mail conversations.

All these features are now available on the iOS app which can be updated from the iOS STORE. While this features will be available on Android soon. Microsoft had not mentioned when will these features be coming to Windows 10 devices.

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