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Nowadays, Each day is bringing a sad news for Windows Phone fans. The month started by Microsoft completely shutting down Skype for Windows Phone 8.1. While a week ago Evernote also had announced that they would be dropping their app on Windows Phone and today Microsoft had quietly removed all the game emulators available on Windows Phone. There were about more than a dozen of good emulators available on the Windows store that allowed the used to play the old console games on their phones. There is no official statement from Microsoft yet about why such a harsh decision has been taken.

Angry Windows Phone games are left devastated by another huge bolt to their hope for the Windows on mobile. One of the redditor had rightfully said ” Unreasonable things happens for unexplained reasons” on Microsoft’s mobile OS. One of the reason for this decision could be that Microsoft may be worried about the legality of having of having emulators on Windows store.

Let’s just hope there are no other such decisions from Microsoft that would make the already small Windows Phone community to diminish. Microsoft must make sure that they are present in the smartphone market.

  • Speechless

  • Alexander Pasichnyk

    Are they idiots? What’s happening inside Microsoft? How did they manage to lose mobile phone market at all? And what for?

  • Gn Re

    Information from M$ insiders: M$ has founded a separate department in February 2016. This department has a secret task to find at least twice a month a sting for the few remaining win mobile customers. this Departement is reporting directly to top management of M$; – they are sitting together on these meetings and they are placing bets about time needed to have scared the final customer away.
    another info is, that this Department is financed by a new joint venture, what has Apple and Google in background.

  • Monchichi

    MS: Are you dumb??