Microsoft confirms Windows 11 OneDrive internet shortcut bug

OneDrive users have been facing a weird bug in the Shared Folders feature. This bug impacts the accessibility of the shared folders, and they appear as internet shortcuts (URL links) rather than normal folders in the File Explorer.

When you click on a shared folder, it redirects you to the web version of OneDrive rather than opening the folder.

A OneDrive user created a post on the Microsoft Forum about this anomaly with the service on June 8, 2024. In a month, the post amassed nearly 12000 views with 192 replies and 916 users facing the same issue.

As the problem began occurring with thousands of users, Microsoft updated the top section of the webpage with an update on the issue.

“Some OneDrive users may see Shared Folders displayed as URL links in the OneDrive sync client and apps.” said the update note acknowledging the issue.

Apart from the folders appearing as links in File Explorer, many users are unable to sync them. Even if you try adding the folder to My Files, it creates an internet shortcut.

The issue seems to stem from the data synchronization and handling within the OneDrive service.

Surprisingly, a user blames the KB5037853 (May 2024 update) for the OneDrive issue. He sifted through Event Viewer logs and found an error related to OneDrive after installing the update. The shared folder issue began appearing after that.

But this could be a speculation or an isolated incident, as Microsoft hasn’t blamed the update for it.

Windows Latest tried recreating the error by creating a shared folder from an account and accessing it on another device. The shared folder appeared fine on the other PC and we could access its contents without an issue. Still, the threat looms.

opening the shared folder of OneDrive in Windows 11 file explorer

How to fix the shared folder problem in OneDrive?

While this is a widespread issue, Microsoft’s response is pretty standard. The forum post’s top section mentions that “OneDrive engineering is working on this issue, and URL links will convert back to display as folders once it is resolved. In the meantime, log in to your account at anytime to access your shared folders.”

In a nutshell, bear with it while the devs hunt down the bug and patch it. You will have to use the web version of OneDrive to access the shared folder, which is a tad inconvenient.

accessing shared folders in onedrive web

Accessing it via File Explorer is easier, but it will only redirect you to OneDrive’s webpage at this point. Some users also tried the good old remedies: unlink the account and reinstall OneDrive. Sadly, these won’t work because the feature is buggy.

So, stay put while Microsoft fixes OneDrive. We’ll keep updating this post as new solutions appear.

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