Image Courtesy: Windows

We have earlier reported that WhatsApp users can share document files via the sharing option with friends and family which were limited to just some type of files like csv, doc, docx, pdf, etc.

Today the Facebook owned company is rolling out a new option “Sharing of All file types” for users on all the platforms iOS, Android, Windows Phones, Web/Desktop at the same time. The option is currently slowly rolling out and should be available to all users in some days.

Users will not be finding any app update in the respective stores since the sharing of files option is being rolled out as a Server Side Update.

With the latest sharing of files option users will now be able to share all types of files including APK, Appx, Photos and Non Compressed Videos. Currently the team has put a limit on the size of the files being shared. The max file size allowed to share for iOS is 128 MB, For Windows Phone is 104,86 MB, For Android the limit has been fixed at 100 MB with Web/Desktop getting a limit of 64 MB.

The Limits assigned to all platforms are temporary and will be increased in the future. Since WhatsApp is experimenting with the feature it will be available to very few users currently.

We have already tried the feature on our Windows Phone Lumia 630 but option has not yet been enabled. Do let us know in the comments, if any of our users have been lucky on either platforms who have been able to get the feature.

Note: The Sharing of all files feature is a Server Side update and you would not see any App update in the Respective Stores.