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Microsoft has no plan to bring any new features to Windows 10 Mobile for consumers. However, Microsoft is working on enabling some much-needed features for Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise customers. Although, those features would be boring for the normal customers.

Yesterday in a webcast, Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 Mobile will not get any new features and it will rest on Feature_2 branch that is basically yet another Windows Phone 7.8.

Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc has now once again confirmed that Microsoft will add new features to Windows 10 Mobile and it would be enterprise focused. Brandon wrote on Twitter, “We never said we wouldn’t be delivering major new features for Windows 10 Mobile. We just said new features would be enterprise focused.”

When asked about the features that could be for the enterprise customers, Brandon LeBlanc revealed, “I am thinking about MDM management policies, improved VPN experiences, security, things like that.”

It seems majority of Windows Phones will remain stuck on featureless operating system. Microsoft is working on Windows 10 with CShell but that is not an update to Windows 10 Mobile. It is actually an updated version of Windows 10 that will adapt to any device of any screen size.

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