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Microsoft in its Webcast yesterday answered some of the questions posted by the Windows Insiders the big question being when will Windows Phone move from the Feature2 branch to the current Redstone 3. The answer to the question was “We have no plans to move off Feature2 Currently” from one of the Members of the Windows Insiders team. Feature2 is the branch which gets updates regularly to Windows 10 Mobile but does not come with any new features.

The Feature2 branch is similar to the Windows Phone 7.8 which does not bring any new feature to the users of Windows 10 Mobile but only bug fixes and performance improvements. The Windows Insider team also confirmed that the most talked about feature the Night Light feature will not be coming to Windows 10 Mobile any time soon.

The Night Light feature actually tones down the blue light from the display of the device at night to help users see the screen easily. But the feature is not to be made available for Windows 10 Mobile users, the statement is in contrast to the what was confirmed by Windows Insider Chief Dona Sarkar in the month of February that Microsoft is planning to bring the Night Light feature to Windows 10 Mobile.

We already know that Microsoft is currently working on Rebooting the Software and Hardware of Windows 10 Mobile with CShell, so perhaps we could expect that the company might release the Night Light feature when CShell is actually made public.

  • 000

    For a lot of people is a bad news, but i prefere read it as the signal that a new device could be arrive(not surface phone…)

    • Roasted Wookie

      Sorry but I have to be a complete idiot to ever spend my money and trust MS in another of their mobile OS devices.

      • 000

        why you are an idiot? You buied the phone that fit your needs…No?…
        In RS3 /

  • Roasted Wookie

    :)))) there ya go dear fanboys :))) in your face! another WP7.8 for you, another shitbag from MS

    • Bespin

      Lemme guess you have crapdroid or playschool 10yo iOS based phone, joke is on you

      What did you pay ??? $850 OR $23-$59 per month, basic phone rental per life plan

  • Bespin

    My 950 Still abuses todays flagships… will get bug and security updates and that is 100% fine with me all sorts of apps are coming to the Store now its an avalanche due to Windows 10 S

    I LOVE when people come with the latest Android or IPhone and I say lets take some photos and see whos phone is better…they cry

    • Fede

      da fuc.king truth

    • Rob Guy

      Or how about when they say “iOS is going to have facial recognition to unlock your phone soon” and you say “oh, you mean like this?”

      Or they say “I hate it when you type your password on forms and you can’t tell if you’ve typed it correctly?” and you show them the little “eye” icon on your phone on password fields that shows the password you just typed and they go “oh man, that would be so nice to have.”

      And the list of nice little features they don’t have that you do goes on and on.

  • Rob Guy

    Oh man! You mean my phone won’t mimic the colors of the moon at night!?! But how will I sleep if the screen isn’t turned to the color of the morning sun just prior to closing my eyes?