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According to a report Microsoft is now actively marketing the Windows 10 mobile to their business customers. Even though we are not seeing any sign of Windows 10 mobile OS hardware launch by Microsoft for customers right now but it is pretty clear that Microsoft is not giving up on the Windows 10 mobile as a business perspective.

You know that Microsoft is having a different development branch called feature2 for Windows 10 mobile right now which is being called as maintenance mode. This does give a sense of death of Windows 10 mobile but this is not correct according to the report which says that the maintenance mode is necessary for making it fit for the for the next branches of development that are redstone3, redstone4 and so on.

It is believed that Until 26 November 2016, Microsoft’s business strategy for the Windows 10 mobile didn’t exist. Now according to sources, Microsoft has started to push their strategy for Windows 10 mobile app for business customers.

Microsoft is pushing the idea of HP Elite X3’s 3 in 1 devices marketing to their business customers along with their commitment for the improvements in the OS for enterprises. The idea of ‘One Windows’ by Microsoft is definitely a moot point where an enterprise can actually depend on windows OS completely because of security, software distribution, device management from Microsoft. Microsoft is also working for a new hardware for the Windows 10 mobile on the line of 3-in-1 for their customers. There is a clear road map from Microsoft for pushing Windows 10 mobile for business customers.

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