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Yesterday at Computex 2017, Qualcomm had announced that it is partnering with ASUS, HP and Lenovo to build ARM based Windows 10 PCs. They also reiterarted that Snapdragon 835 will be used by these OEMs for the first wave of upcoming Windows 10 PCs on ARM. Also during the event Qualcomm had shown the prototype of a device with Windows 10 with Snapdragon 835.Earlier this year Microsoft has showed us their Windows 10 powered Laptops based on ARM processor S835. Today we now have a prototype of Windows 10 on a phone that is running Windows with all functionality. Have a look at the following video:

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Even though we don’t have any official confirmation of having a windows 10 smartphone being launched by either Microsoft or other OEMs but we do have rumors regarding a new version of Windows Mobile with C Shell interface. Which itself gives us the possibility of seeing Windows 10 Powered smartphones in the near future.Currently the interface of Windows 10 is not adjustable for smaller screen devices like smartphones which make it difficult to use. But if C Shell interface is able to provide a better interface for these devices will be a sure hit as they will also be able to run Win32 apps along with store UWP apps. Check the official qualcomm page here of Windows on ARM for more details.

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