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With the announcements of the new Surface Pro at the Shanghai Event, Microsoft has upped the excitement if the Surface fans again. The device, as expected is a refresh of its predecessor  and will be available in markets soon.

Microsoft today revealed that users will soon get Windows 10 S versions of the Surface Pro. The new SKU, Windows 10 S, is the same Windows 10 but locked to the Windows Store. While it didn’t garner much praise, it is seen as a viable competitor to Google Chrome OS and will help to lessen the app gap in the Windows Store.

When asked by Techcrunch, Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi told that the Surface Pro will soon get a Windows 10 S variant. Interestingly, he also revealed that the Surface Laptop will get an Windows 10 Pro option. The last part seems intriguing. While a great device, the Surface Laptop received slack for the choice of OS. A high end device, locked down to Windows Store doesn’t sound great and Microsoft acknowledged it.

The new variant of the Surface devices will give the users a lot of choice to select from. Windows 10 S is here to stay, and Microsoft is full on behind it but that doesn’t mean the pro users will be left out too.

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