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Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore has recently confirmed that Microsoft is going to support Windows Phone but it seems the development of Microsoft’s mobile operating system is on hold. Microsoft’s OneCore idea was supposed to keep Windows 10 Devices in sync – PCs, Phones, Tablets and HoloLens should share same features and experience. However, this has changed after the release of Windows 10 Creators Update.

As discovered by a Twitter user, Microsoft has now removed the Phone Call Related API from Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. You won’t be able to make voice mail or block calls on Windows Phones. It apparently means that Windows Phone is dead with the release of Fall Creators Update.

The latest insider preview build has revealed the change in development of Windows Phone. However, it is worth mentioning that Microsoft removes APIs and make weird changes in preview builds as part of their experiments. It is normal and this doesn’t mean Microsoft is giving up on Windows Phones.

Earlier this week, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore confirmed that the company is not giving up on Windows Phone and they will continue to support the operating system. Furthermore, the next update for Windows 10 Mobile is going to be super-boring and in fact no new features are in works for Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

Are you planning to drop Windows Phone and get a Android or iOS Device?


  • 1brave

    I will never use robot or half eaten epple. WM / WP is the best OS/ Phone. No OS is better.

  • M Rankin

    what this is not right

  • 000


  • Brad

    As discovered by a twitter user


  • aaargh Zombies

    I totally agree with you. I love my Windows 10 phone. It has the cleanest, simplest, most customisable interface of any handset that I’ve ever owned.

    Live tiles on the home screen are far more efficient than the IOSAndroid equivalents, and the fact that it syncs so well with my Windows computer is a dream.

    The one hitch is the so-called App Gap. I miss the games more than anything, so It’s more of an irritation than anything else.

    I will continue to use my Lumia until it breaks (After which I will simply get a new one), or Microsoft forces it to brick with a kill code.

  • 000

    Please check better the source of api infos…

  • Adesh

    I have been using Windows phone since the inception of Windows 8.1, and i have been a satisfied user. But, since there is no focus of Microsoft on Windows, and no new mobile getting released, I have to forcefully switch to Android.

  • Farhan Mohammad

    Yes i want to give up on windows phone… I owned lumia 520 earlier and now i have lumia 540… Since it is dropped for creators update, i lost all hopes of windows 10 improvements… I would switch to android or iOS.