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Surface Phone is reportedly Microsoft’s next flagship smartphone that won’t look like a phone. Microsoft is expected to announce new features for Windows 10 next week at the company’s annual Build 2017 conference. And some rumours are now claiming that the company may announce Surface Phone this month.

The rumours started when Satya Nadella revealed that the company is going to build phones that won’t look like phones. Later, Microsoft’s HoloLens creators and Yusuf Mehdi also hinted that the company is not giving up on Windows Phone. Furthermore, Microsoft has announced yet another event and the company is expected to launch a new Surface Device. However, Panos Panay has confirmed that there is nothing like Surface Pro 5.

The rumours says Microsoft will announce the Surface Phone at it’s event on 23rd May, 2017. However, this isn’t true, the Surface Phone won’t be coming anytime soon. Microsoft has postponed the launch of Surface Phone to the spring of 2018.

The May 23 event may witness the launch of a new Surface Pro model, rather than a smartphone.

Many rumours have revealed that the Surface Phone is going to be a beast. Windows Phone enthusiastic have published many concepts of the long-awaited Surface Phone, you can check them here.

  • Marshall

    Let’s keep this simple folks.
    Just continue using your Windows Phones, forget about all this talk. If you are truly a Windows Phone fan, none of this would bother you. It will happen when it happens.
    Most of us probably won’t be able to afford it anyway. Those who can afford them are just bored. They buy the latest tech every 3 months because they can. Not really true fans.
    I say put all this time and energy into saving up money for when it does arrive. I don’t think it will be apps that people will want by then, I think it will be power. I know I’m NOT gonna be saving my money up just for a bunch of extra apps I’ll never use. I’ll be looking for hardware and software improvements.
    It’s my opinion that Microsoft didn’t mess up, Windows didn’t mess up, the PEOPLE messed up. They didn’t BUY the phones. They didn’t USE the phones. Many didn’t even TRY them. They got what they deserve. Their loss!

    • Tricklee

      I ignore stupid articles now

  • Joseph Turgeon

    Yeah, I’m gonna use my 950XL and keep saving $9 a month for the Surface phone. I have $240 now, I should have almost enough by the time the phone is released.

    • Marshall

      Nice! You’re about $235 ahead of me. I’m still using the 1520. It blows me away how awesome this phone is. As I have always said, it’s almost like they made a mistake making it so great. I also use the 950 XL as a backup, bought it used, works fine.

      • Joseph Turgeon

        nice, yeah I had the green 1520. I miss it sometimes… I’m not sure why you would use the 1520 over your 950XL though, the screen is only a little bigger. Maybe you have no need for Continuum though.

        • Marshall

          Currently I am not using Continuum. Someday I’m sure. Nokia made their best Windows Phone with the 1520. 3 1/2 yrs and going strong.
          My friends have gone through at least two phones in that time. They never seem quite happy with theirs like I am with mine. Microsoft will kill it eventually, but I’ll have the 950xl to continue with.