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Spotify, one of the most popular music streaming services has taken to its forums to announce that they’ll stop updating their Windows Phone app.

Spotted first by MSPU ,there will be no more feature updates, but only critical fixes from now on. This means no new feature additions, if you want to use them, you’ll have to go to Android and iOS. The app wasn’t updated for a long time and was really horrible in performance.

While the news about the dropping of support was expected sooner or later, it still is harsh. Spotify remains one of the most popular names in the music streaming industry and to see an app of such weight drop support hurts. Groove Music, Microsoft’s native music app does a better job and is constantly updated across devices. By comparison Groove outshines Spotify and users can use it instead.

The full statement is available in their community page and can read here. Though Groove is better, the loss of Spotify is quite a blow to the already famished Windows Store. The app will continue to work and you can download it form the store by hitting the link below,

Spotify for Windows Phone

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