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One of the largest banks, Bank of America has decided to pull the plug from its Windows 10 app available in the Microsoft Store. Bank of America is not the only company that has decided to abandon Microsoft’s platform, others also hardly find a reason to stick around any longer.

Interestingly, Bank of America’s UWP Windows 10 app will stop working on both desktops and Windows Phones. It’s not yet known why Bank of America has decided to end support for its app and the company hasn’t released any statement either.

Bank of America is one of some well-known companies that brought their apps to Windows devices. The bank’s app for Windows Phone is available in the Store for a couple of years now. BoA has been updating the app with all necessary changes once in a while, but this is going to end soon.

Bank of America app is still available for Windows 10, and it allows users to manage bank accounts, finances review activity, balances in checking, savings, credit card accounts, mortgage, auto loan and it manages the other features securely.

When you’ll open the Bank of America app on your Windows 10 Mobile or PC, a notification will be displayed and it’ll inform you about the change.

“Our Windows app will no longer be available at the end of July. However, you can go to to use Online Banking,” notification is displayed when launching the app.

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