WhartonBrooks Windows Phone 10
Image Courtesy: WhartonBrooks.com

Microsoft is no longer focusing on Lumia phones and the company launched the Lumia 950s a while ago. However, the US based company WhartonBrooks has been working on a new Windows Phone and the company has now planned to expand it’s business. It is worth mentioning that a few months ago, WhartonBrooks shared a picture of the upcoming Windows Phone device. 

WhartonBrooks has confirmed that the company’s Windows Phones are coming to Brazil. Windows Phone had been popular in Brazil and the company might achieve success in the country. WhartonBrooks is currently working on a Windows 10 Mobile Device with Continuum support, cutting-edge technology and lightning fast performance.

The company’s CEO Greg Murphy has recently shared a photo of the device which would be launched to the public very soon. WhartonBrooks is the company which is headed by it’s CEO Greg Murphy who is a Windows Fan and has said that the phone the company plans to make will be based on the suggestions and feedback of the Windows fans.

  • eternal

    This company is a big JOKE!!! Nothing more than a rebranded Chinese device, plus very poor marketing and communication.

    • we don’t know specs of the device and price
      maybe is a decent successor of the value phone lumia 650

      who knows?

  • Bodeanicus

    Uh, those two phones in bubble wrap could literally be anything. This still smells like an investment capital scam. If I’m wrong, I’ll be the first to apologize, but something’s not right.