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LinkedIn is currently rolling out a new “Trending Storyline” ¬†feature for its App on all platforms. The new feature basically offers content curated by the firm that includes important information, new posts made by people in a user’s network and also notable figures in the industry.

The Storyline feature is offered in addition to the original news which will allow users to explore different contents in a new way. Each Storyline will have an assigned hashtag which can by used by anyone on the platform to contribute to the conversation. The users will be able to see comments and also have option to access trending stories.

For Example if any user in working in Healthcare then that particular user will be getting access to an article shared by a Health expert via the Storyline feature.The Trending Storylines feature is located under the Trending tab for users on Mobile devices.

The feature is currently rolling out to users in United States starting today and should be available for users in other countries very soon.