Image Courtesy: Windows

WhatsApp team has been working very hard in improving to application of its Messaging App on all platforms by adding new features to its application. The team is currently working on bringing “Pinned Chats” features to its application on all platform.

The “Pinned Chats” feature is currently available for Android and iOS but is Disabled/Hidden by Default and the same should be enabled in upcoming updates. ┬áThe Pinned Chats feature will work for Group Chats currently and should be available for Individual chats in the coming updates.

How the Pinned Chats Works:

  1. In the Chats screen, long press on the chat you wish to pin
  2. On the top bar, select the pin icon

The chat is now pinned and will appear on top of your Chats screen.

The “Pinned Chats” feature is being tested internally by the WhatsApp team but should be available to the Beta testers on Android,iOS and Windows very soon. We will be updating this article once we have more info on the Availability of the Pinned Chats feature to Beta Testers and General Public.