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Rumors have been doing rounds and bits of leaks from here and there already have all but confirmed the reveal of Surface Pro 5. Now a new leak further solidifies the rumor and confirms that the Surface Pro 5 is indeed a thing and it is coming soon.

A new tweet from WalkingCat, a prolific Microsoft leaker has pointed to a source that indicates the presence of the Surface Pro 5. The tweet points to the profile of one Toby Fitch, who according to his LinkedIn profile is a Microsoft employee. His profile mention that he has been a ‘product designer’ for various devices like the HoloLens, Xbox and the Surface Pro 5.

Intel’s Kaby Lake, a refresh of all the Skylake based counterparts from 2016 is now almost present on all laptops and 2-in-1s, . As Surface is the only major player left here, it is sure that Microsoft is sure to refresh it’s specs by this year. Also Intel’s 8th generation processors are due this year. Taking all this into account, a Surface refresh is indeed due this year.