How to download Windows 10 Mobile on Lumia 520 or any unsupported Lumia using our simple steps. Yesterday, Microsoft officially announced Windows 10 Mobile for selected Lumias and around 40 % of Lumia devices were not allowed to get Windows 10 Mobile update. If you are wondering how to download Windows 10 Mobile on Lumia 520 or any Lumia, you can read below or if you are devices is in supported list then please follow this guide.

Windows Insiders program is the best way to get Windows 10 Mobile on Lumia 520 or on any Lumia without taking a bit of risk. Remember Windows 10 Mobile for 512MB RAM devices or any unsupported Lumia phones will not work as fluid as you are expecting fro`m the OS. The guide will allow you to get Windows 10 Mobile official or latest version either Build 10586.164 for your Lumia devices.

  • Sign up for the Windows Insider Program, if you haven’t already.

  • Download the Windows Insider app from the given link below. You can also search for the Windows Insider app in the Store from your phone.

  • Once the app it finishes downloading, open the Windows Insider app on your phone and follow the instructions to install Windows 10 Mobile. In the screen, you will see several options like the fast ring or slow ring. But, you have to choose “Release preview ring” and restart your phone. Selecting other rings will give you buggier builds.

  • Go to phone settings -> update -> start downloading Windows 10 Mobile

Download the Windows Insider app

Windows 10 Mobile on Lumia 520 or any 512 MB RAM device will struggle a lot. However, you can give it a go and do let us know your experience with Windows 10 Mobile in comments below:

  • Mayank Parmar

    go for hard reset.

  • Andrew Shortall

    Windows Insider won’t work for me. It tells me there is a server error and that I should check my devices internet connection and its date/time settings. I use a Lumia 1320 and live in France.

    • Mayank Parmar

      Its no longer working. I will get back to you with a new guide.

    • Froakie Lover 956

      A 2 year old divice that has a half a gig of ram and is meant as a budget phone, lets thtow all our money and support to that instead of what ever we’re making in 2015 (or when ever windows 10 PE came out).

  • hello ju

    I know RAM might be the excuse used for not adding windows10 updates the early Lumia handsets like the 520 and so on.
    Third party apps often require an OS update, but if the company that makes the devices doesn’t make updates for their handsets. You might as well be saying “fuck you for buying our merchandise”.