Windows 11 November 2023 Update

The long-standing Windows 11 Moment 4 bug that caused the AMD profile or settings to reset on every reboot has been resolved in the November 2023 Patch Tuesday update (KB5032190). According to our tests, your AMD customizations won’t reset to default values after installing November 2023.

The issue was first flagged with Windows 11 Moment 4 on September 26 when users noticed that their AMD profile, including tuning settings like ‘rage mode’, is automatically reset on every reboot. We could also reproduce the bug affecting nearly all AMD profile settings, including CPU over-clocking.

With Windows 11 November 2023 Update for version 23H2 and 22H2, Microsoft has finally fixed compatibility issues with AMD systems. This means Windows now finally remembers your AMD profile preferences, and you won’t lose the customization or performance-related settings on every reboot.

It’s important to highlight that you might see improvements only when you use the 23.10.2 version of the Adrenalin software or newer with Windows 11 KB5032190 (November 2023 Patch Tuesday).

These fixes are also included in Windows 11 23H2 shipping via the Media Creation Tool.

I contacted affected users, and most confirmed the Windows 11 update has fixed the AMD profile reset bug. However, some told me the Windows Update does not resolve the issue for everyone. A few users still encounter the frustrating problem of their AMD settings being reset.

It’s important to understand that this month’s security update has successfully fixed AMD issues. Those who continue to run into the AMD profile reset may have another root cause, and the Windows 11 update is not responsible.

The November 2023 Update is a disaster for some.

While the Windows 11 AMD profile bug is now patched, KB5032190 has its share of issues, including a bug that causes systems to get stuck in a boot loop. In some cases, your device might fail to apply the update during installation and keep failing again in a rebooting loop.

One user noted in a Feedback Hub post: “Last week, my computer inexplicably started having boot problems. It would fail to load the OS after BIOS and send me to the Windows boot problem screen. Safe mode worked, but SFC and DISM found no issues. Eventually, I found that uninstalling the most recent update allowed it to boot again.”

Another Windows 11 user confirmed to Windows Latest that Windows causes a few boot lops before rolling back the update, and you might run into “got to the point the laptop wouldn’t boot”.

Microsoft AI and Copilot
Copilot pinned to taskbar | Image Courtesy: Microsoft

In a support document, Microsoft has confirmed it’s aware of two known issues, including a bug that causes the font format for COLRv1 not to render correctly. Another bug causes icons to move unexpectedly on the desktop, mainly when using Windows Copilot.

The good news is Microsoft is working on another Windows update to patch these issues in the coming months.

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