Windows 11 app crashes
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Microsoft recently released several updates for Windows 11 and 10 as part of its Patch Tuesday cycle. After updates began widely rolling out, users have reported some apps crashing at launch on Intel hardware, particularly those using older graphics drivers released in early 2022.

After recent Windows Updates like KB5022360, some users have had the apps crash on launch, with an  “apphelp.dll is missing” error message popping up. While this might appear to be a widespread issue given its nature and significance, it does not affect all users, and only those with Intel hardware are running into it.

Some of our readers with older Intel drivers encountered the crash, yet we have not noticed any issues on our systems. The only key difference between the affected and unaffected devices is that older Windows drivers were installed instead of new fresh releases.

In an update to the support document, Microsoft confirmed that it’s aware of the issues with some Intel PCs and only those using Intel graphics drivers with up to versions are affected. Given the issue’s severity, it’s likely that Microsoft will issue a patch soon.

Microsoft documentation further revealed that users could mitigate the problem by installing an Intel GPU driver with a version newer than This can be done via Windows Update or manually download and install the latest version of the Intel driver using the assistant app to resolve issues.

Microsoft says it’s safe to use a driver newer than version, adding that a fix will be issued soon.

“We are working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release,” Microsoft stated without revealing when it plans to release the emergency patch.

As per the docs, the following versions of Windows are affected:

  • Windows 11, version 22H2
  • Windows 10, version 22H2
  • Windows 11, version 21H2
  • Windows 10, version 21H2
  • Windows 10, version 20H2
  • Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019
  • ​Server: Windows Server 2022

Other known issues in Windows 11’s January 2023 update

Microsoft is aware of another problem: provisioning packages might not work as expected on some systems. As a result, some PCs might only be partially configured, and this bug also affects the Out Of Box Experience. Thankfully, provisioning packages (.PPKG files) are used in work or school environments and should not affect home computers.

The third known issue is linked to copying large multiple gigabytes (GB) files. As per Microsoft, Windows might take longer than expected to copy or move files.

Users will likely run into slow transfer performance problems on Windows 11, version 22H2 or newer.

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