Windows 11 100% GPU usage

For the last couple of weeks, Microsoft has been aggressively rolling out its 2022 Update for Windows 11, the first major upgrade for the new operating system. We have been running Windows 11 version 22H2 on our PCs without any major issues. However, users have reported that a compatibility issue broke Task Manager’s GPU usage report.

Many users on Reddit and Feedback Hub noticed that Task Manager in Windows 11 22H2 is not showing the correct GPU usage when they have Nvidia driver version 526.47 or older installed. Thankfully, this is a known issue and a fix is on the way, according to a statement from Nvidia officials.

“For some reason, the Task Manager reports that my GPU is using 100% of its resources, but it says very low power usage. I am really confused, my drivers are up to date and I don’t see any loss in performance while playing games,” one of the affected users noted in a post on Feedback Hub.

Windows 11 100% GPU usage

This appears to be an issue with certain GeForce drivers and it was previously reported with one of the preview builds in the Windows Insider program. However, it looks like it slipped into the public release. We can confirm that we’re seeing the same issue, though it’s not extreme and 100% GPU usage automatically stabilizes.

A related bug also affects the 3D readings for Nvidia GPUs. As you can see in the above screenshot, Task Manager’s 3D readings for GPUs are not accurate and it does not reflect the actual or reported usage.

Of course, incorrect GPU usage reporting is more of a minor annoyance than a major issue as you can safely ignore it. However, this could be an annoying problem if you always pay attention to the GPU usage when the graphic cards are under heavy or medium load, and you want to monitor it.

It is worth noting that the actual resource usage won’t be ramping up as a result of the Task Manager’s incorrect report, so it’s not a big thing, at least technically.

The good news is Nvidia is planning to address Windows 11’s 100% GPU usage bug soon, according to the company’s spokesperson. Apparently, there will be a fix rolled into the next beta release of GeForce drivers and then stable. We don’t know if a fix will be included in the upcoming Patch Tuesday update for Windows 11.

New GeForce and Windows 11 updates should arrive in November.

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