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Windows 10 KB4549951, which was released on April 14 with security fixes, is reportedly plagued with serious issues for some users. The update is only available for consumers with Windows 10 version 1903 and 1909, and the patch contains security fixes.

Initially, users who have tried to install the latest patch reported update error messages and installation failures. Later, other users started complaining that once KB4549951 is installed on their computers, they start to encounter Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, system performance, and other annoying problems.

Reports of the dreaded Blue Screen of Death also emerged after consumers deployed the patch released earlier this month. Blue Screen of Death is particularly nasty as it makes the entire PC unresponsive and it requires a reboot, which increases the change of losing any unsaved work.

For some people, problems introduced with Windows 10 KB4549951 are far more serious. In community forums, users reported that their personal files are moved or deleted after installing the update.

Microsoft has now confirmed that the company is investigating the reports of ‘Bluetooth, Blue Screens and related issues’ with KB4549951.

Microsoft also noted that it does not have enough ‘telemetry, support data, or customer feedback’ for these issues as they were reported on social media.

“We have seen social media reports related to KB4549951 that mention Bluetooth, blue screens, and other related issues,” Microsoft said.

“To date, we have not seen these issues reflected in telemetry, support data, or customer feedback channels. We continuously investigate all customer feedback and are closely monitoring this situation,” the company added.

Users have mostly reported the problems with KB4549951 on public platforms like Microsoft’s forums, Reddit, social media, or site comments.

KB4549951 issues

Microsoft is encouraging users to provide feedback using the Feedback Hub:

“If you experience any issues, we’d like to know. Please provide feedback using the Feedback Hub so that we can investigate,” the Redmond firm stated.

The fact that Microsoft has finally commented on these issues is a promising step, and the company is actively looking at feedbacks to fix this mess. It’s unfortunate, however, that an official walk-through showing users how to address these problems is not yet available.

If you experience any of these issues, you should consider submitting the data to Feedback Hub and uninstall the patch.

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