Dual screen device

In December 2018, a wild rumour claimed that Microsoft is working on a dual-screen device which will carry the Surface brand, and we could see the device in the market by late 2019. According to reports, Surface ‘Centaurus’ is being developed in conjunction with Intel and it won’t be a pocketable device.

Centaurus is said to be a full-sized tablet PC with two screens and a modular operating system. A new report today revealed that the dual-screen device from Microsoft is real and still being developed.

Microsoft recently showed its larger dual-screen device to some of its employees at a recent internal event. The report also adds that this is highly unusual. The move suggests that the device may launch within the next six months and that’s in line with previous reports suggesting that Centaurus may arrive in late 2019.

Centaurus could launch with Windows Lite, which is a new lightweight and modular OS for Always connected, affordable Chromebook-like devices and dual-screen tablet PCs.

Last week Microsoft published a blog post to highlights its vision for a modern operating system which could be Windows Lite or part of Windows Core OS project. The modern OS, Windows Lite or Windows Core OS will be all about sustained performance, seamless background updates, security by default, internet connectivity through WiFi or 5G and support for various form factors.

  • njsokalski

    Based on this, it sounds like this device will not be usable as a phone (“won’t be a pocketable device”) and doesn’t have any phone capabilities. Is this correct? I have been hoping for a Windows-based smartphone (such as the rumored Surface Phone), but it doesn’t look like that is the goal of this device. Has anybody heard any recent updates about a device with phone capabilities?

    • YeahRrright

      Yes, there will be no such thing.

  • drearyworlds

    If it’s Windows Lite, Always-Connected, why would it be Intel?

    • Divi

      Intel has already prototyped foldable devices and there is a Lenovo Always Connected device with Intel.

      Intel processor means Centaurus will be able to run x86 apps.

      Always Connected lineup isn’t going to be limited to just Qualcomm.

  • YeahRrright

    Can’t wait to see WCOS and whatever the codename for the ui layer of it will be. There’s only two options, it either will be glorious or a complete disaster. There will be no middle ground.