Windows 10 ARM on Lumia

Microsoft is not working on Windows 10 Mobile anymore and the devices that run it would become obsolete in December 2019 when the company pulls support for the OS. Windows Phones would become pretty much useless in by 2020 when the platform will be discontinued and many core apps will cease functioning.

However, the developer community isn’t ready to give up on Windows Phones yet and recently they managed to port Windows 10 for ARM to Lumia 950/950XL handsets.

The project is advancing at a really good pace. Thanks to the work by the independent developers, it looks like we’re close to getting mobile connectivity on a Lumia 950 XL running Windows 10 ARM.

Cellular on WoA Lumia

Developer Gustave Monce, one of the contributors to this project, revealed in a series of tweets that it is possible to have cellular connectivity on such a device.

Windows 10 ARM on Lumia 950 XL with cellular connectivity

Windows 10 ARM for Lumia

The developer stated that they have managed to run Mobile Broadband Driver running and the Windows 10 ARM-powered Lumia 950 XL is able to read the SIM slot, even turn on the Modem, turn on or off the radios, but the internet connectivity or call is not working yet.

“Without a sim inserted in the device, it will report insert SIM as you would expect. Having a PIN on the sim card doesn’t seem to fix the account activation issue however, and it doesn’t seem to find networks,” Gustave explains.

In near future, it could be possible to install Windows 10 ARM on Lumia 950 XL with calling and cellular capabilities, all thanks to a project by independent developers that would make it it possible.

  • Jorge Roman

    Lo malo es que por ejemplo whatsapp y viber no funcionarian esas apps, solo estan para windows 10 movil y las que estan para pc solo reflejan el contenido del móvil y vaya que son indispensables :-(

    • Manuelctr

      WhatsApp indispensable jajajajajaja xD

  • Uncommon_Tater

    My Lumia 950XL is the greatest phone I have ever owned, but it is starting to show its age. It’s not a function of the OS (though Microsoft being jerks and discontinuing support for apps on the W10M platform is definitely disheartening) but rather a function of aging hardware. What I want to see is WoA with cellular connectivity installable on various handsets that come with Android preinstalled so that Windows as a mobile OS can live on. I’ve been using Windows as a mobile OS through all of its iterations since 2000. After 20 years, I don’t want to give it up.

  • Yys Yssyss

    If they fix the bug at samsung mem on 950xl it should look better for those who stuck with that ….. I hope someone wake up and fix that too .. I hope

  • Manuelctr

    Tranquilo, soy de mexico igual y estoy en el equipo de Telegram y si, me da mucho asco cuando la gente le dice whatsapo, yo por eso les digo a mis contactos (los que realmente desean hablar conmigo) Telegram es lo mismo y contáctenme por ese medio, WhatsApp como plataforma de trabajo me parece algo informal y respecto a las tarifas telefónicas, aprovecha el bug, cámbiate a cada rato de compañía para que siempre tengas por 100 pesos al mes como si fuera de renta… Y si, gente mediocre que ama WhatsApp habiendo tantas app mejores U.u

    • Jorge Roman

      Lo tendré muy en cuenta, pero pues hazles cambiar de parecer, son como rocas no los haces cambiar nunca, luego les dices hay otras y dicen a esque yo solo conozco esa, y que tal si no se usar la otra o no la tengo cosa que es imposible o como la busco y les dices y es que no se y ya dan ganas de decirles pues ya quédense con su mugriento WhatsApp que ahora es de facebook y todo lo espian a uno y venden los datos de usuario como siempre, me dan ganas de arrancarme el cabello del coraje

  • Jorge Roman

    If It works WhatsApp in full Windows 10 desktop?

  • Yys Yssyss

    “WARNING: There is a known bug related to Samsung branded memory which is used in some Lumia phones. This bug can be triggered during flashing both with official and unofficial tools and during OS updates and will render the entire eMMC (flash memory) to become write protected.”

  • Chris

    Thanks to those working on this project! I would really hate to leave this platform. I have a Nokia 1520 and it’s an awesome piece of equipment. I’d love to be able to hold onto is past the end of the year. Great work by the folks involved in this, thank you!

  • Chris

    Thanks so much to all that are involved and dedicated to this project! It would be wonderful to retain functionality on our Windows phone beyond 2019. I have a Nokia 1520 that is the perfect tool/device for me and would loathe having to go to an Iphone or Android. Thanks for your effort on this project!!