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Microsoft last month started testing an improved dark mode for Windows 10’s Mail and Calendar app. Yesterday, Microsoft officially announced the refined dark mode experience for Windows 10’s default mail app and the update is now live for some Insiders.

Mail and Calendar version 16.0.11231.20082 is rolling out to Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring and it comes with a series of visual changes. First and foremost, the message body and the new mail screen now uses a refined dark visual style.

The implementation of dark appearance in all pages provides a consistent experience in the Mail app. The new visual changes are also expanding to the Calendar app and you’ll notice it when updating a calendar item. The experience while managing the emails and calendar appointments should be more consistent after the update.

Windows 10’s Mail now has a refined dark appearance

Mail app

If the entire app has a dark appearance, it will offer a better reading experience for people that work in a low light environment. The new dark mode can be accessed from the app’s Settings > Personalization. After enabling it, the dark mode will expand to include the email reading pane, compose box and other areas.

Dark mode in Mail app

You can still view a particular email in light mode by tapping on the sunshine icon located at the top of the screen (also known as command bar). This will turn on the lights and you can view the email content with a white background. Microsoft says that this feature is useful if an email is not formatted well in the dark background.

Default font settings

Default Font in Mail app

Microsoft is finally bringing the highly-anticipated font settings to the Mail app. The new default font settings in Mail app will allow you to customize how new messages will look and you will also notice fonts of your choice when you type an email.

You can change your default font in Mail app from Settings > Default font. It’s worth noting that default font changes won’t be applied to the OS and it does not roam to other devices.

Microsoft is still beta testing the new features and it will be rolled out to the general public soon.

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