Windows 10 19H1

Windows 10 Build 18305 is now available for Insiders in the Fast Ring with several new features. Microsoft says that they won’t release any new builds for Windows 10 with major changes this year but the cumulative updates will be delivered to the Insiders.

What’s new in Windows 10 Build 18305

Windows 10 Build 18305 comes with a new simplified start layout, support for Windows Sandbox, and more.

Simplified Start Menu

Start menu

The Start menu is cluttered on new devices or installations but Microsoft is finally going to improve this aspect. Based on the feedback which Microsoft received from the consumers, the company is introducing a new simple Start layout for new devices or the users who create new accounts or reinstall the OS from scratch.

The new layout is less cluttered and you’ll notice the changes if you clean install Windows or a buy new machine.

Windows Sandbox

Windows Sandbox
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

Windows Sandbox is Microsoft’s latest feature which is supposed to help users run untrusted apps and program in an isolated desktop environment.

The users can get started with Windows Sandbox if their computer supports Virtualization. To use Windows Sandbox in Windows 10 19H1 builds, enable Windows Sandbox from the Turn Windows Features on or off page.

Windows Security app

Windows Security app is also getting some much-needed improvements with the 19H1 update. Microsoft is adding Tamper Protection setting to the Windows Security app and the feature is supposed to provide additional productions against unexpected changes to the key security features.

Windows Tamper Protection feature can be accessed from the Windows Security app under  Virus & Threat Protection > Virus & Threat Protection section.

Kaomoji support

Microsoft is also bringing Kaomoji (face characters) to Windows 10. The emoji picker will now also include symbols and kaomoji. The popular kaomoji such as (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ are available.

Clipboard history


Windows 10’s Clipboard history page is getting a new look and you will notice that the height of each entry has been reduced. The interface is now compact and the users will have access to more entries without needing to scroll.

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