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In the changelog of Windows 10 Build 18277, Microsoft had teased a File Explorer update with minor changes. The company stated that more changes are coming to File Explorer in Windows 10’s Spring 2019 update codenamed 19H1.

Microsoft noted that Insiders will receive early access to further File Explorer improvements but the software giant remained tight-lipped on any specifics. “Some Insiders may notice small differences in File Explorer over the coming flights – we’ll have more to share later about this later,” Microsoft explains.

In Windows 10 Build 18290 or older, Microsoft has made some changes to File Explorer. There is one small change and it’s noticable if you look at the modified dates of the folders regularly.

File Explorer in 19H1
File Explorer in Windows 10 19H1

As you can see in the above screenshot, the File Explorer now lists the month and the day in modified dates column and you won’t see the numerical date and time on listed files if they were modified recently.

File Explorer in October Update
File Explorer in Windows 10 October 2018 Update

In Windows 10 October 2018 Update or older, the modified column shows the numerical date and time on all listed files. This is going to change with Windows 19H1. Although it’s a small change, this certainly makes it easier for users to understand modified dates.

File Explorer Folders View
October Update on left. 19H1 on right.

As you can see, the modified column can be restored to its original look if we turn off “Show dates in conversation format” feature. This Folders menu can be accessed by switching to ‘View’ tab in Explorer and tapping on Options.

Thanks, Negi and Divi for the tip!

  • Leo Varela

    “In Windows 10 Build 18290, Microsoft has made some changes to File Explorer”
    Those changes appear for quite some time:

    https://twitter. com/Leopeva64/status/1068460678913118208

    https://www.tenforums. com/windows-10-news/121193-new-windows-10-insider-preview-fast-build-18277-1006-19h1-nov-13-a-11.html#post1506749

    • Mayank Parmar

      Thanks, edited!

    • Divi

      I actually noticed it in Build 18290 and it wasn’t in old builds, at least for me. Perhaps A/B testing :)

      • Leo Varela

        Yeah, in reddit I also mentioned this almost a month ago:
        https://www.reddit. com/r/windowsinsiders/comments/9v1vx5/announcing_windows_10_insider_preview_build_18277/e9boa9u

  • Brian

    Quite astonishing that they say it will be easier .The mere fact that they’re dropping the time will make Iggy more cumbersome to id version of a file when multiples are saved in different locations .
    A bit like them dropping file size displayed on folders which was carried out some years back necessitating one to refer to properties to make decisions .

    • I’d omagine that nothing has actually changed with how the dates are stored. All they’re doing is formatting them for localised display on your own machine.

  • Well, I hope this is localised, because I have no interest in seeing files say they were last modified in “November 1922”.

  • Brian

    “If it ain’t broke……”
    Microsoft can make it that way..

  • JohnW

    It does solve the issue with dates varying from country to country but I would prefer a three letter month. I assume that there are regional issues with this approach.

  • Tluangtea Chhaks

    We need tabs