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Microsoft’s Andromeda is a long rumoured product that nobody can guarantee would ever see daylight, despite recent rumours and shreds of evidence. A rumour published earlier this year had revealed that Microsoft’s Andromeda has been delayed and it won’t arrive before 2019.

It looks like Andromeda release has now been pushed to late 2019 and the dual-screen foldable mobile device might come with a larger body and display, according to a new rumour.

According to a new book ‘Beneath a Surface’ by Brad Sams, the Andromeda might be bigger than the originally rumoured pocketable phone-size device. Microsoft might pick up a larger body for the Andromeda as Windows is best suited for large screen devices and not ultra-portable PCs.

Recently, a patent was published online that revealed Microsoft is considering several approaches for Andromeda, including one that could bring an advanced camera system to Andromeda. According to numerous patents, the device would use a hinge to play the role of a large screen mobile device and a standard tablet when not folded.

Another patent had revealed that Andromeda might come with the ability to display 3D representation but this is just an idea and not a guarantee that this is what Microsoft has in mind for its foldable device.

Considering the number of patents and reports from reliable sources, it’s pretty clear that the company is exploring all kinds of ideas, including one that would improve the camera capabilities of the device.

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