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Microsoft is said to be working on a new modular platform codenamed ‘Windows Core OS‘ with multiple flexible composers for different form factors. For example, Andromeda is the codename of the composer for the dual-screen device.

Microsoft’s long rumoured dual-screen Andromeda may not launch anytime soon but the Windows Core OS evidence and new tidbits still show up on the internet. If a new rumour is believed to be true, Microsoft has reportedly dropped a hint at the company’s Windows Core OS and Andromeda.

According to a Reddit post, at the DevOps Enterprise Conference, Microsoft showed off some screenshots with a clear reference to the Andromeda and Windows Core OS project.

Windows Core OS leak

As you can see in the above presentation, there is a clear mention of WCOS (Windows Core OS) and Andromeda. It appears that Microsoft is testing the operating system with drivers and different hardware.

“I attended a session today at the DevOps Enterprise Conference where MS presented on how they’ve shifted Windows development to DevOps. One of the screenshots they showed was a dependency tracker, and if you look at the second line there’s a clear reference to test the hardware on Andromeda,” the Redditor explains. “They did not bring anything up verbally about it. The state is “proposed”, which means it’s not been committed to any Windows branch yet, but clearly it’s something they’re working on”.

It’s yet another confirmation that Microsoft is still working on the most interesting version of Windows 10. In case you’re unfamiliar, Windows Core OS is Microsoft’s attempt to create a modular platform so it can work on all form factors – phones, dual-screen, tablets, laptops, desktops and even the HoloLens.

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