Windows 10 April 2018 Update desktop
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Microsoft pushed the Windows 10 October 2018 Update to the general public couple of days ago. This came as a surprise to many users since the Windows 10 version 1809 was not pushed to the Release Preview Ring which is the last stage to fix any issues before a public roll out.

The public rollout of the new Windows 10 version 1809 confirmed that Microsoft has fixed all the bugs and the update was ready for public roll out. But as it appears that Microsoft has failed to fix at least one bug related to the Task Manager.

Task Manager in Windows 10

There’s a bug discovered in the Task Manager that is about incorrect reporting of CPU usage. According to Reddit users, Windows 10 Build 17763, the RTM build, which was released to the general public on Tuesday still has the weird bug.

We expect Microsoft to push out fixes for the Task Manager issues and a bug that deletes files in the upcoming Patch Tuesday Updates which are expected to be rolled out on Tuesday, 9th October.