Microsoft Andromeda concept

We have heard a lot about Microsoft’s Windows Core OS (a modular platform) that aims to unify the platform at OS components level. Today, a new leak has revealed that Microsoft is still actively developing the AndromedaOS.

For those unfamiliar, Windows Core OS is an internal name of a modular version of Windows 10 that has different composers (flexible shell) for different devices. Microsoft is using composers to optimize the interface across different form factors. In this case, Andromeda is the mobile composer and its part of the Windows Core OS.

Andromeda leak

A new report today revealed that the Andromeda project is very much alive and Andromeda-specific language packs are publicly available in the Store. It means that Microsoft is internally testing language packs that are optimized for a dual-screen mobile device.

Andromeda evidence

There’s also a mention of “flipping the device over to answer” and “Please text me” commands.

Another screenshot hints at different states of the foldable mobile device, including “left and right screens that can be turned on and off” and the device should also be able to take screenshots with gestures. There’s also a mention of the ability to automatically record phone calls.

Microsoft has never confirmed the existence of an Andromeda OS and at this stage, everything is nothing more than a rumour but by the looks of things, the Andromeda is still being developed for a 2019 release.

  • JohnW

    I suspect it is largely ready and waiting for foldable screens to happen.

    • YeahRrright

      It was delayed cause the OS was not finished. And it never will be, cause there still are no apps to run on it. And the ones that exist in MSFT store are mostly unusable garbage like Facebook and Messenger…

      • Steve Jobs, Risen from iNotch

        There are tens of millions of software applications for the Windows OS.

        So in your feeble attempt to spread falsehood, I suggest you hurry along to Mommy for your two-hour on-screen time with the iFad.

        Well, what ever are you waiting for ? Best foot forward, spit-spot.

        • YeahRrright

          If you wanna seem superior and grown up I suggest you check your spelling… As for WCOS, Hub2 will be shipped with old hub OS and then will require a hardware update (for additional cost, I’m sure).

          • Steve Jobs, Risen from iNotch

            Why are you suggesting I am superior or attempting to be superior ? No I am not superior in any way whatsoever to others. I’m just a typical average person trying to make ends meet for my family and I.

            There are no spelling errors in my comment, though if you have found any, I’d be more than happy to concede to such an error.

            To clarify, Surface Hub 2s will be released with the existing Hub OS in 2019, with a detachable hardware update once available in 2020, essentially becoming a Surface Hub 2x running Windows Core OS with CShell and fingerprint reader.

  • 000

    probably could arrive by a OEM if there are out this things…