RBS Windows Phone app

Another day, another big name leaving the Microsoft Store (formerly known as Windows Store). The Royal Bank of Scotland, one of the largest and popular Bank in Scotland, is leaving Windows Phone.

Royal Bank of Scotland’s mobile banking app was published in the Windows Store back in 2013 and the app was pretty much outdated. According to the popup message within the app, the mobile banking app will stop working on Windows Phone within the next 60 days.

“To continue banking on the go you can download the app on an iOS or Android device alternatively you can continue to use online banking for your everyday banking needs,” the message reads.

“Hi, due to a reduction in customers using Windows phones we made a decision to withdraw our windows app. You can continue Mobile banking with us if you have an iOS or Android device. Alternatively you can use Online Banking,” a representative of Royal Bank of Scotland confirmed the news on Twitter.

The Microsoft Store listing of the app is still live but it seems that you can no longer install it on your Windows Phones.

  • Jorge Roman

    My question is whether this UNIVERSAL bank APP will be kept in Windows 10 or also leaves the store Windows 10?, if this is so and only goes on Windows PHONE My theory is still very VIABLE that current devices with Windows 10 Mobile update to CSHELL and use N the same apps as WINDOWS 10 and no longer used mobile apps.

    • Mayank Parmar

      It’s a old Windows Phone app and it doesn’t work on PCs.