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There have been rumours claiming that Nokia Mobile’s got a new smartphone with better camera tech on the way. That much seems certain now. According to the updated filing at the EUIPO (the European Union Intellectual Property Office), HMD Global Oy now owns the PureView trademark.

If you’re unfamiliar with the name PureView, it’s a camera tech developed by Microsoft Mobile (originally by Nokia) for Lumia-branded Windows Phones. Following the acquisition of the Nokia Devices & Services division by Microsoft, it acquired the PureView name and trademark.

PureView HMD

It appears that the ownership of the PureView trademark has been transferred to HMD Global Oy, the company that is now making Nokia phones. The ownership section of the trademarks page suggests that the HMD Global Oy owns the PureView camera trademark since August 23.

PureView ownership

What is PureView?

PureView is a camera tech developed by Nokia and it was used on camera-centric phones the Nokia 808 and Lumia 1020. The technology was last used on Microsoft’s late 2015 flagship Lumia 950.

A Nokia phone with better camera tech? Probably

Given that trademark ownership has been transferred, it’s likely that HMD Global Oy will soon unveil a Nokia-branded Android smartphone with PureView.

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