Facebook for Windows

Windows 10 Mobile no longer has a future but there are users sticking with it for the time being. The lack of apps is undoubtedly one of the biggest setbacks on Windows 10 Mobile but Microsoft is still offering the essential apps.

Facebook has never truly supported Microsoft’s mobile platform and it appears that the company has unknowingly made things even worse for Windows 10 Mobile users. Facebook recently rolled out a new update for its mobile website and it has removed the

Since last week, the Facebook touch/mobile site no longer works in Edge on Windows 10 Mobile and the issue is confirmed by many other users. A user posted the message on Microsoft Edge community forum and the post has been assigned “Site Outreach” status.

“Site Outreach” means that the team will talk to the site owners to help them correct the compatibility problem with their content,” Microsoft’s Eric L writes.

Facebook updated in Edge mobile

We have tried to reproduce the issue on our end and we can confirm that Facebook’s mobile website isn’t loading on Windows 10 Mobile’s Edge browser. It’s worth noting that the basic version of Facebook still works but the experience is simply pathetic.

  • djs

    Totally unusable now….using an old mobile fb app…better than the fb edge equivalent….very frustrating, annoying…thinking of moving to Note 9″when it comes out

    • There’s SlimSocial. It was based from iPod Touch, and I seems to really like it a lot.

  • Hubert123454

    Change in settings in edge: Pc version sites and browse m.facebook.com and you have normal site facebook…

    • 000

      But I can’t change settings every time…

      • yepp

        Use this link facebook.com/?m2w to get into the desktop mode

      • yepp

        Use this link https://www.facebook.com/?m2w to get into the desktop mode.
        Remark: the prefix “www” is necessary

  • Richard Newns

    I use the SlimSocial third party app for Facebook, it works fine. No need to change phones.

  • Jonas Nielsen

    I am using the official fb app on Lumia 950 XL Windows 10 mobile and I have no issues using the app. I also use slimsocial for itts dark beautiful theme design.perhaps I am no super user then….

  • TheRyGuy

    I use the Facebook Beta app on my Lumia 950. It takes a moment to load, but it feels like there are more features than the non-beta app.

  • Usman Aly

    If anyone finds a way to fix this let me know please. Lumia 640xl user.

  • Stephen Wornell

    Yes slimsocial lovely little app.


  • pee

    I thought I was the only one. And the facebook app crashes after a minute or so of opening it on my Lumia 650. That’s why I always prefered to use the browser.

    • Usman Aly

      Just use touchdotfacebookdotcom. Instead of mdotfacebookdotcom.

  • Usman Aly

    Wow guys really? You didn’t approve my comment go try it for yourself. It works you just have to replace the m & type touch. Touchdotfacebookdotcom. This removal of my comment was really absurd.

  • It does work. Thanks for that link.