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One of the reasons why Windows 10 Mobile users still stick to this dying platform is that some popular apps are still supported and usable. WhatsApp and Instagram are two of the most used apps in Windows 10 Mobile.

While WhatsApp developers constantly push updates to its app, Instagram rarely gets updates. Barring the occasional crashes and the 10 seconds it takes to load the app, it is usable. However, the app is nowhere near its Android and iOS counterparts both in terms of features and reliability. Instagram is one of the most used apps in Windows 10 Mobile and it has been a while since it got any updates with new features.

Instagram app updated for Windows 10 Mobile and PC

Instagram on Windows 10 Mobile and PC  got an update today with some much-needed features. The update for the PC version didn’t bring any new features but the updated app on Windows 10 Mobile brought a bunch of new features. This is because most of these features were already present in the Instagram app for Windows 10 PC.

One new and much-awaited feature that came with the update is the ‘Type’ mode in Instagram Stories. To use the Type mode, all you have to do is to touch the camera icon on the top left on the app. From the bunch of options available, such as Normal, Boomerang, Rewind etc, two new options are available. Those are Type mode and Stop-Motion mode.

In the type mode, you can type whatever you want in various font styles such as Modern, Neon, Typewriter and Strong. It can then be posted as your Instagram Story. The Stop-Motion mode allows you to take snapshots and combine them to make a single video. Of course, these features were available on both iOS and Android for quite some time now but this is Windows 10 Mobile we are talking about and this is how it happens in this platform.

Another feature is the ability to share Instagram Stories with other people in the app. There is now an option under a Story which will let you share the Story. There is an option to prevent people from sharing your Stories. Another notable feature is Threaded conversations in the comments section under a post. There are also some aesthetic improvements in the app interface.

These updates make the Instagram app in Windows 10 Mobile on par with the Windows 10 PC version. But it still lags a lot behind the Instagram apps on iOS and Android. Also, after the update, the app is a bit more buggy.

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