Microsoft Store on mobile
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Microsoft appears to be rolling out a new update for Windows 10’s app store on both Mobile and PC. The update is available for everyone (non-Insiders) and it advances Microsoft Store to version 11705.1001.42.0. With the latest update for Store, Microsoft is improving Fluent Design, search bar and more.

As noted above, this version brings both bug fixes and visual improvements like more Fluent Design touches.

The update basically improves the interface of the Microsoft Store. Previously, Fluent Design came to the Microsoft Store only with the acrylic effect, so with this update, Microsoft is bringing reveal effect to some parts of the Store.

In addition to Fluent Design, the Microsoft Store app is getting other design improvements, and the visual makeover is finally getting better.

You’ll now notice the reveal effect on both PC and Mobile. The search bar, on the other hand, will appear as an icon on PC, instead of a bar.

Microsoft has optimized the homepage on mobile, it will now display three apps per grid. Microsoft Store is getting new fonts, and the company has also changed the icon of download option. You’ll be able to browse all reviews in the Store. The update has also improved the performance and fixed the reported bugs.

  • yepp

    I’ve got it right now!

  • Glen Ashley

    I am running Ver. 11805.1001.42.0. not 11705.1001.42.0 Maybe it was just a typo in the story.

  • still fails to include basic filters like “do not show already owned / installed items” :)
    from the list in categories / search results

    • M Rankin

      Install items That’s been president for a long time
      show already owned = my library
      now if you mean dedicated search with in my library I’m for that

      • ofc i talk about the store search, it’s about clutter in results

        • M Rankin

          Any Example I can search for to check.
          I know search was a hit or a miss a few years back

  • WPJ

    Search icon is gone in landscape mode on two different phones.

    • M Rankin

      it now shows just search icon
      tell you click on it and than it expands out