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Microsoft introduced the Surface Pen in 2012, and it works with the company’s Windows devices. Microsoft also bundles the Pen with some Surface Pro devices. The Surface Pen is an active stylus and digital pen for Surface devices, and it appears that Microsoft is working on an upgraded version of the stylus with improved technology.

Microsoft is exploring new ideas for the next generation Surface Pen, and the company recently patented a new technology for the stylus. The patented pen that would never need recharging as it will automatically harvest power from the display.

Microsoft’s new Pen would actually use solar cells, and while it’s not innovative, it’s a very clever idea and the implementation is futuristic. It’ll basically collect the light generated by the display of the connected device. The energy is generated by the display and the energy is transferred through the solar cells that would recharge the Surface Pen’s battery.

The Surface Pen would incorporate the technology solar cells that are inside the stylus. It’ll never run out of power as long as the laptop is charged.

“The stylus collects light during interaction with the touchscreen, while the stylus is in close proximity to the touchscreen. Due to the close proximity of the stylus to the touchscreen during harvesting, the intensity of light that is collected from the electronic display is significantly higher than intensity from ambient lighting in a room or from outdoor lighting”, the patent application explains the technology.

It appears that the light of the screen is enough and better approach than the natural light to recharge the batteries of the Surface Pen. Microsoft plans to install the solar cells inside the body of the pen, so the look of the Surface Pen would be more or less the same.

The Surface Pen with solar cells would look as good as the existing models, and it won’t have changes in terms of looks, that’s yet another plus point of the implementation.

It’s just a patent application, so it does not guarantee that Microsoft wants to begin production of the device.

The solar-powered Surface Pen is a futuristic approach. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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