Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Microsoft Edge, Windows 10’s latest default web browser, and the successor to the company’s Internet Explorer web browser is still struggling to improve its market share since it first appeared on PCs in 2015. The Internet Explorer has been usurped by the  Edge browser but it still has more users.

Microsoft is betting big on Edge and it still hopes that the browser would one day become the preferred choice for users on Windows 10. Microsoft in the past few months has published new ads to promote the features of Edge, and the company’s latest ad claims that the browser is more battery efficient.

Microsoft uploaded a new video to YouTube to promote that Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 is more battery friendly than Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The company’s default web browser for Windows 10 could save power when running the basic tasks like watching a video.

While it’s yet another ad that shows just how advanced Edge browser is compared to third-party apps, but truth to be told, Microsoft’s default browser is indeed better than the rivals in terms of battery life.

The new 30-second video on YouTube highlights the benchmark test that Microsoft performed to compare the battery life of a Windows 10 device when using Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

As expected, Edge wins the test and is more power efficient than Chrome or Firefox. It is, however, worth noting that the gap between Edge and Chrome is closing as Microsoft’s browser can last only 14% longer than Google’s. On the other hand, the company says that its browser can last 98% longer than Mozilla Firefox.

In 2016, using Microsoft Edge resulted in 70 percent longer battery life than Chrome but Google has also improved its browser in this regard, and the gap is closing with every big update. In terms of battery life, Edge once had a big advantage over competing browsers but it doesn’t any more.

Microsoft is using a video-playback benchmark and the test has been conducted on Surface devices running the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, version 1803.

While Microsoft has been pushing very hard for Microsoft Edge, but Google Chrome continues to be the preferred choice for users across the world. The data offered by NetMarketShare shows that Chrome holds 61.69% and Edge has only 4.45 market share.

  • Jack Smith

    Problem is security. Edge just has been historically incredibly insecure and Chrome is just the most secure browser you can get.

    Hard to imagine Edge cutting into Chrome dominance on Windows.

    • Chrome is the most secure browser? Hmmm… really?

      • Jack Smith

        Yes Edge is very insecure and been the browser that is mostly easily pawned.

        • I heard that. But then, Chrome extensions can’t really be fully trusted.

          • Jack Smith

            Agree and why you should be careful on what you use. Because they can also collect data. A big one is be careful on the ad blocker you use as that data can be collected in the US and sold without you even knowing.

            Trump changed the law.

            “Trump Signs Measure to Let ISPs Sell Your Data Without Consent”

            Why I now just use what is built into Chrome instead. Also use Google for DNS and use the Chrome data saver function. That helps keep all our surfing data at Google.

            Google will target ads but do not sell you data. The data does not even leave Google as they use a call back for the ads.

    • M Rankin

      Really they don’t have to beat them
      just like Firefox or opera etc they need to have a solid userbase

      • Jack Smith

        Do not think MS is going to be able to wrestle any share away from Google. When Google in the past has taken something they have not given it up.

        Google even when they wins keeps innovating and adding new features. Look at search with over 90% share yet they keep adding and making it better. Same with Gmail which Google shared now has over 1.5 billion active users.

        • M Rankin

          I’m not talking about wrestling any shares?
          I even said they shouldn’t worry about dethroning Chrome.
          I’m talking about Establishing than maintaining
          there user base even if it’s niche like Firefox, opera etc.
          As long Bing is profitable, and getting better in different territories/rewards and they keep building out edge across platforms it a win.

          • Jack Smith

            Problem is Bing is down to less than 1% market share on mobile.


            79 bps. So hard to see MS continuing with it. The cost is a fortune and it is really not very competitive any longer. Even more so on mobile.

            Search engines learn and when you do not have the activity you do not learn to help other users.

            BTW, on all platforms Bing has fallen to less than 4% share. Will fall below 3% later this year.

          • M Rankin

            You clearly have no interest in being objective at all
            trying to show world view which is misleading yahoo get it data from Bing
            Baidu way huger than it looks
            while at the same time skipping over areas where Bing actually doing Quite well US/UK etc
            or how it’s been profitable since 2015 And continues to rise.
            watch techaltar – Why does Microsoft even bother with Edge? video

          • Jack Smith

            Sorry if something I said caused an issue. Where am I not being objective?

            Shared a link of the data. Yahoo uses Google for search as well as Bing. There was a time they were just using Bing. They were going to only use Google but there was some anti-trust issues and the compromise was to use both. But Still Google has 94% share on mobile and growing and over 90% on desktop.

            Bing continues to lose share and now no longer the default on iOS should continue to fall pretty quickly. The problem is without the data you just can’t do a competitive product. Search uses ML to learn and without any share you can’t learn. In a weird way it has network effect.

            But Yahoo biggest source was Firefox who has switched from Yahoo and now back to Google.

            “Google’s back: It’s Firefox’s default search engine again, after Mozilla ends Yahoo deal

            Mozilla terminates its five-year search deal with Yahoo a few months early.”

            Have zero problem debating but appreciate if we could use honest data.

          • M Rankin

            read my post
            than read your
            you clearly only have one agenda it’s not a fair or balanced debate
            yes Mozilla dropped Yahoo because of Verizon/users privacy
            yes Google is the new default on firefox though users can still change it
            the browser is very/ important part of the OS and app that use it rendering engine UWP /now can include win32
            Bing may not be strong across the board but it’s still important
            and thus should continue to be improved in different regions and rewards also an other service bing offers.