HP Elite x3 with Windows 10
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Microsoft recently sold the very last units of Windows Phones it had in stock, while the report suggests that Microsoft has no plans to any more units available, the company’s sales representative told us that the phones will be back soon. At the time of writing this story, the only three Windows Phones HP Elite x3, Alcatel IDOL 4S and IDOL 4S with VR are listed as ‘out of stock’ but Microsoft is trying to make the phones available again.

“Due to it’s hot, our higher team is trying to have it available in soonest time. They [Windows Phones] will be back soon”, a Microsoft sales representative told us.

It is worth noting that the Windows Phones are still available from third-party resellers, but only a few units are available at the moment. While the Windows Phones will be back soon on Microsoft’s online stores, you can still buy the devices from retailers at eBay or similar sites.

At the moment, Microsoft Store is still selling the Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Razer Android phones. Needless to say, the Android phones are still available in both online and offline stores. Instead of focusing on its own devices, what the company does right now sells phones from other companies and running Android.

While Microsoft is believed to be working on a new mobile, the company’s mobile strategy is something hard to decrypt as Microsoft is also expanding its service to the third-party platform. Microsoft’s next mobile device won’t be a simple smartphone but it will include some phone capabilities such as cellular connectivity.

Microsoft’s Surface Andromeda could be more or less a 2-in-1 device. With Andromeda, Microsoft aims to invent a new device category rather than continue in the phone business. Microsoft hasn’t confirmed whether the company is indeed working on such a device, but more information on this could see daylight in the coming weeks or months, possibly at Build developer conference.

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