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Microsoft’s default Web browser, Edge has not been able to garner much share as compared to its competitor Chrome. The browser is still reeling at 5% market share since the launch of Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system back in 2015.

Now to promote, Microsoft is looking at different ways to increase the browser’s popularity and today the company is adding a new Edge Extension dedicated tab which is now available in the Microsoft Store.

The Edge Extensions tab is visible for users who have downloaded the latest version of the Store App 11802.1001.8.0. Earlier users had to scroll down the home page to see the title “Edge Extensions”.

The company has also made some changes to the UI of the Edge Extensions page which now includes Adblockers, Password Managers along with a curated extension which is now separated by the respective function categories productivity and shopping.

There is also a new recently released extension category at the very top. By including separate dedicated categories the company plans to make browsing little easy for users.

Microsoft off late has been working on increasing the popularity of its Edge browser by promoting its use by publishing videos and more. The Edge Extension tab is another step by the company to garner more users in using its Edge browser.

Microsoft Edge is currently having 98 extensions according to the Store as compared to thousands of extensions for its competitor Chrome browser. The Edge Extension tab is only view able for Windows 10 Insiders enrolled in the program and having the latest Store version installed on their PCs.

We expect Microsoft to roll out the tab to all Windows 10 users after successful testing with Windows Insiders. Only time will tell if the company rolls out the tab to all users or completely remove it from the Store based on the users feedback.