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Without a doubt, Microsoft’s long rumoured foldable Andromeda is one of the most eagerly-anticipated products ever developed by the software giant. Popularly referred to as Surface Phone, Microsoft’s Andromeda is a foldable mobile-type device with Windows Core OS and ARM chipset.

While there’s not even a single confirmation from Microsoft that ‘Surface Phone’ is on its way, a new unconfirmed rumour claims that the device might be unveiled or detailed as soon as the Spring of this year, before or after the company’s Build 2018 developer conference. Everything is however uncertain and such plans could change anytime, as it totally depends on the development of the rumoured project.

Surface Phone patent

Microsoft’s long rumoured foldable Andromeda, better known as Surface Phone, might be unveiled in Spring of this year. But if you are planning to buy the Microsoft’s foldable mobile type device running Windows Core OS and offering a dual screen with multiple form factors, note that the device won’t be launched before the second half of this year.

In the last couple of months, Microsoft has patented several designs for foldable mobile type devices. A patent called Hinged Device was published on March 1, 2018, and it explains the use of a hinge to enable modularity. Microsoft could use the hinge to connect two different displays, apparently allowing several form factors. Such a device will be 3-in-1, it can play a role of a phone, tablet and even laptop in tent mode.

In the patent application, the software giant has explained how the device could switch from tablet to laptop. Microsoft says the form factor of the device would depend on the position and the angle of the two displays.

“This example can also include a determinative hinge assembly that rotatably secures the first and second portions around first and second hinge axes. Computing devices that have hinged portions. One example can include a first portion that includes a first display and a second portion that includes a second display,” Microsoft explained.

Microsoft may be planning to demo a prototype for the developers, along with the features of next major Windows 10 release, codenamed Redstone 5. We rate this rumour 6 on a scale of 10, but do you think Microsoft’s Andromeda is ready? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Mboe

    Can’t wait. Though I won’t afford it hehehe

  • WPJ

    Question is, what exactly is the point of making it secret, if it’s really under development that is. I can understand why Apple had to keep the original iPhone secret, there was that bombastic unveiling and lots of coverage. But with Microsoft… with the current device landscape that we have… they’re not going to steal the show however hard they try. There won’t be a second iPhone-like breakthrough even if they put 100s of screens on it.

    • TomDee

      Considering their earlier ramblings and hesitations, I think they
      cannot afford to officially publicize something they are not certain
      about. Imagine making a big fuss about a new device now and after half a
      year say ‘naaah, we’ll think about it once more’. Leaking these details
      and concept illustrations is most probably deliberate testing of
      grounds, however.
      As a current user of a Samsung Android
      phone, I am confident that Microsoft could technically and from a
      usability point of view do better than the droids on any day. Will they do
      it? I hope so.

      • WPJ

        Well, if they’re not certain about it NOW, how can they be certain of it in the future? They must have faith in their own product otherwise it’s guaranteed to be a failure even if it outperforms everything. Don’t think Apple which spent several years developing the iPhone had any major doubts about its viability.

        And this you know, is sad because we really want Microsoft to succeed there.

        • TomDee

          It is quite common to develop alternative products and solutions of which some will never see a light of day. In the process, it is also common to patent innovations that are related to a specific alternative and may never end up being used in a commercial product. This same thing happens in Microsoft’s competitor companies. It is also common to test those ideas and concepts technically or with some sorts of focus groups. News leaks may be part of this testing.

  • YeahRrright

    They can announce it all they want. People were burned by MSFT too many time and smart ones will not buy in to this thing, cause 1st gen will be bad for sure, it will be abandoned in a year and maaaaaybe by the 3rd or 4th gen it will be worth the time and money. So yeah. I will wait a few years. That is if MSFT will dare to release that Andromeda…

  • Kevin Waldroup

    Can’t wait for the foldable tablet and surface phone surface watch. I think Spring Release 3 Device. my sources telling me 3 Device foldable tablet smartphone smartwatch you can make phone calls with all 3 devices.
    Devices names from my source
    foldable tablet Surface tablet
    smartphone Surface note
    smartwatch Surface watch

  • Charlie Coogan

    Is to late for me!
    I just replace my Lumia 810 with Lumia 1020 for $30 bucks!