Windows Media Player

Microsoft’s latest iteration of it’s popular OS, Windows 10 builds upon a completely different base. With the Microsoft Store and Universal Apps, Microsoft is trying to ditch the old and reliable x86 platform in favor of the modern UWP apps. Many of the old apps are being deprecated in favor of UWP apps, and it looks like the beloved Windows Media Player is next in the line.

According to a post on Reddit, some users are getting a pop up asking them to switch to the Movies & TV app when opening video files in Windows Media Player. For those unaware, Movies & TV is a universal app from Microsoft for Windows 10 devices. As the name suggests, the app is used to play video files. The app also serves has a good sized catalog of Movies and TV shows that can be downloaded or watched.

Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player to be replaced by Movies & TV? (Picture courtesy: Reddit user Noam_ha)

Movies & TV first started as Xbox Videos in Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 and then got renamed in Windows 10. It also got a UI uplift and became better with more new features, but like most UWP apps, it still has its limitations. It still can’t play all formats, there are not enough functions when compared to full fledged media player apps and it still has its fair share of bugs.

If you are still not willing to switch over to Movies & TV, don’t worry, Windows Media Player is here to stay, at least for a while. You can also try different other alternatives like VLC and Media Player Classic. VLC has both an Universal as well as a x86 app, while Media Player Classic exists as a x86 app for now.

With Microsoft trying to make Windows 10 a fully Store based OS with Windows 10 S, it’s no surprise that legacy x86 apps will be soon phased out or moved to the Store. Using Project Centennial, Microsoft has already started moving many of the old apps to the Microsoft Store. Starting with Office 365 and Paint, slowly but steadily most of the old and beloved legacy apps will move to the Store as Microsoft tries to make Windows 10 a fully ‘Store OS’.

Whether Microsoft’s strategy proves to be successful or not, only time can tell. The message is clear, prepare for being locked into the Microsoft Store in the near future, whether you like it or not.

  • Tengo Gachechiladze

    Universal apps and other apps that came because of windows phone are dead! Killing mobile is killed a lot of uwp apps! Uber is the latest one I wonder which app will be next to get discontinued

  • M Rankin

    this just for movies. in rs4 musixmatch will take over album art information in windows media player

  • Bavani Sankar

    Say whatever, but Groove music is still not ready to replace WMP, as it is lacking in features that made me love WMP in the first place. I even miss it when I switch to my linux system. But Groove… It’s so immature that I can’t change the currently playing playlist without performing some hoola hoop workarounds! That is so awful! All that until I found Clementine for linux.

  • Abhishek Acharya

    But Movies & TV app sucks and Groove Player is just a piece of garbage. Windows should understand that if lot of people are not using it than maybe its not good enough. Rather than slamming people with a pop up & forcing them to switch over, they should try to improve their software first.

  • who uses WMP anyway?

    you either use VLC, and for music groove just works fine

    • M Rankin

      i do use it with musixmatch/lyric,CDs

  • MartyvH

    Media programs on a laptop or desktop are going to be limited outside VLC and iTunes. There is just not much of a demand anymore. Powerful, fully featured apps are mostly on phones now.