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Windows 10 Mobile Build 15254.249 was released only a couple of days ago and it brings general improvements to the operating system. But since it’s a build for Windows 10 Mobile, it includes some issues, and one of them points to a bug that could prevent users from installing Windows 10 Mobile Build 15254.249.

Users have confirmed to us that Windows 10 Mobile Build 15254.249 won’t install on some Windows Phones, users might hit error “we couldn’t install updates because there’s a problem with the date and time information on your device. Make sure your date, time, and time zone settings are correct and we’ll try again later”.

How to fix Windows 10 Mobile Build 15254.249 date & time installation bug

It appears to be a server-side bug and to fix this, you can change your date to February 15. Since Microsoft barely cares about Windows 10 Mobile operating system these days, don’t expect an emergency update to be shipped anytime soon.

This update was shipped to Windows Phones enrolled in the Windows Insider program, at a time when we thought the program has been discontinued for phones, and when nobody expected the mobile insiders to get such updates.

Microsoft itself said that Windows Insider program for phones was discontinued, and yet the company is releasing a cumulative update that’s specifically aimed at the Insiders in the Fast and Slow Ring. We can still hope that such improvements for Windows 10 Mobile Insiders would continue to be released.

Build 15254.249 comes with no major changes, though it has some known issues, for example, PDF support in Microsoft Edge is broken and since Microsoft has removed the official PDF reader, you cannot view any PDF document on your phone without the third-party apps.

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  • Francie


    • Neeraj Prakash

      Just change the date from usual date to some 6 days back and try

      • François

        put lunia 650 on date 17/02 installed ok

    • I have no absolute problem with my Lumia 830.

  • Scott M

    I had no problem installing it on my Lumia 950. However, I have noticed some other annoying issues. When i’m on a call, and it ends, the screen doesn’t turn back on. I have to hit the power button a few times to get the screen back on. There have been a few other annoyances too.

    but I have noticed that battery life seems to be much better with this build.

  • TinGA

    I’m having an issue on Alcatel Idol 4S.

  • Murali Yadav G

    Please dont excited because it happens many plz stay away from this version

    • Brajesh Jha

      Anything Specific

      • Murali Yadav G

        A little bite changes on call long..and faster mobile and battery drain, pdf crush on explorer , Cortana will shudown automatically, some app s are crushes

  • Fagner Aráujo

    No meu lumia 640 estou com o mesmo erro .. Nao consigo instalar !

  • Šebuk Pret

    Yes, super

    • Brajesh Jha

      Worked for me too. My 950XL has not crashed since the update, keeping fingers crossed

  • Pixelicious

    Geezus! I spent 2 days trying to update my 950XL. Then I saw this article when googling out of frustration. It”s time to abandon the WP ship methinks. Sad really.