We have been hearing a lot of rumours about the Surface Phone. One of the most prominent rumours were that the mythical Surface Phone will be foldable and that it will launch by the end of 2018 or in the beginning of 2019. But a recent report from an Italian site claims that the foldable device from Microsoft will launch sooner than expected.

An Italian site recently posted an article about project Andromeda or Surface Phone, as the diehard fans would like to call it. The article claims that the device would arrive sooner than what the fans expected. This means that the device may arrive earlier than the end of this year. This is a great news for fans to rejoice as Microsoft has publically announced that they will not provide any new hardware running Windows 10 Mobile.

It is clear from a lot of patents filed by Microsoft that the Andromeda device will be foldable. The device is expected to sport the latest and greatest offering from Qualcomm- The Snapdragon 845. Recent benchmarks of the processor suggest that it has a very powerful and efficient CPU paired with a much-improved graphics processor. Microsoft is likely to focus more on battery life as the device is aimed at portability.

Microsoft will design the Andromeda device inline with the other Surface devices. All Surface devices look extremely premium and beautifully crafted so Andromeda will not be an exception. We are not sure as if the actual display will be bendable or not but we are sure that the device as a whole is foldable. No further hints regarding the rest of the hardware are known as of now.

Like all Surface devices, the Surface phone is also expected to be priced exorbitantly. Since the high-end flagship smartphones like the iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8 are priced as high as 1000$ the high price tag of the Andromeda device will not be an issue. We can expect the device to arrive anywhere in the second half of 2018.

Like all rumours, this should also be taken with a grain of salt but this is not the only report claiming the early arrival of Andromeda. Microsoft can cancel projects at any point if they feel it is not working as expected but since we have been hearing reports that Microsoft is working closely with Qualcomm and other partners it is highly unlikely that they will cancel the device as a whole.

Microsoft still hasn’t given a hint on the software side of things. Initially, the Andromeda device is expected to run apps only from the Windows store. We hope that it will support Win32 apps in the future. Given that Microsoft’s Build Conference is happening in May, we can expect to see the final version of the software which is to power Andromeda.

  • Peter Bezemer

    real source is zac bowden from windowscentral

  • rct

    I don’t think it matters when it arrives as MS are dead in this market now. A pity.

    • Serpentbane

      Define dead. Everyone tought echosystems would prevent people from moving from one to the other, however, I see lots of people moving from iOS to Android these days so this is not the case. Thus, I don’t see why people would be prevented from moving to from either Apples or Googles echosystem.

      Then we’re left with wether or not they want to move into MS echosystem. So far MS lacked the buzz to put them on the map, they did not have the premium devices that got media attention. The devices people wanted. Never mind the store, most people have no clue MS powered smart phones ever existed.

      With a Surface Phone, if done right, they have the needed top device, they have the buzz word many people already recognize as a premium product line.

      Then we have the store, the apps, or rather the lack there off. Well, considering we never hear much about how many apps each store have anymore people have realized that number really does not matter. MS just need to have the right apps. Luckily for MS Snap Chat is less of a deal breaker than it used to be. And, with the coming of PWA’s that app gap could soon be a none issue for MS in very short time. UWP’s are growing as well. But right now, MS do have a strap hill to climb no matter how you view the app gap.

      To avoid comparison in the user space MS will most likely pitch this as a pro device. And build from there, continuing making fuzz, putting Windows 10 app development for all form factors and sizes on the agenda.

      If the succeed or not remains to be seen. But dead? No.

  • Gn Re

    I hope only very few extreme-fans of M$ will buy this dievice, and I wish from the bottom of my heart that this new device should be a very big flop for M$! I really hope win phone fans sbould have learnt their lesson and will never trust Mr Nadella again!

  • cmolinap

    The Lumia cellphones aren’t dead yet…they are alive, at least for two years more. I bought my Lumia 950 DS in 2016 and it is working at 100%. Also, I have a Nokia 530 DS and WP 8.1 Update 2 working smoooooooothly…!

    In short, my Lumia 950 will have a long life and prosperity (thanks Mr, Spock)

    But, if you are stuck with apps…uhmmm…those are another 100 bucks…

  • Liberal Desi

    PWA will save Windows 10. They should not release any new device forms until PWA app enter the store.