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While Microsoft has officially given up on Windows Phone, the company still supports the platform with monthly patches that includes security fixes and general improvements. With Windows 10 Mobile February cumulative update, Microsoft is finally fixing a bug that caused the fingerprint reader on Alcatel Idol 4 Pro to stop functioning properly.

Last year, some users were complaining that unlocking their Alcatel Windows 10 phone with the fingerprint no longer works when the finger is not positioned perfectly. The bug has been finally fixed with an update recently shipped to Windows phones still supported by Microsoft, at a time when nobody expected these fixes.

Microsoft has nowhere stated that this update is specifically aimed at Alcatel Windows Phone users. Just in case you are wondering, this update pushes Windows 10 Mobile Build number to 15254.248 and the update has one more fix that addresses touchscreen responsiveness issue.

There’s now hope that such improvements would continue to be released and there’s a chance that Microsoft might be trying to fix the reported issues to enhance the user experience. With February update, Microsoft is fixing some issues that were discovered by users who installed January update.

Microsoft has itself acknowledged one known issue in this update for all Windows Phones, the bug breaks Microsoft Edge PDF reading capability, while Microsoft recommends users to download the Reader app from the Store despite the fact PDF Reader itself has been pulled from the Store.

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