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More and more developers are leaving the Windows Phone platform, just like Microsoft itself and the users. Since Microsoft has officially given up on its mobile business, the software giant couldn’t do anything to stop developers from killing their apps for Windows Phone and PC.

Microsoft has itself confirmed that Windows Phone is dead, and no new features are planned. In the past one year, Microsoft’s focus has shifted from Windows Phone to Android, with the software giant releasing new apps and updates for the rival platforms.

Brazilian bank Nubank has announced that it won’t support the Windows Phone, as the company has decided to focus on Android and iOS because Windows Phone user base is shrinking after Joe Belfiore’s announcement. Unfortunately, those who want to use Nubank services on their Windows Phone may need to switch to Android as the company hasn’t optimized their website for mobile devices.

The “the Turkish Bank for Foreigners and Expats,” “Türkiye İş Bankası” is also ending support for Windows Phones, also to focus on Android and iOS. The bank has decided to abandon Windows Phone users in March of this year. If you are using a Windows Phone, you cannot use any services offered by these two banks, you can, however, browse their website on the desktop.

While developers are slowly ditching the Windows Phone, users can still use their devices as the software giant has confirmed that the supported Windows 10 Mobile handsets will continue to receive security updates until mid-2019, and in 2020, the platform will be officially dead. If the reports are believed to be true, Microsoft’s upcoming mobile type won’t be powered by Windows 10 Mobile, but Windows Core OS, a new modular version of the operating system.

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