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Microsoft itself recently confirmed that no new Windows phones and features are planned, but the company has promised to maintain app and security support for the mobile platform. Microsoft Store is today receiving a new update for Windows 10 Mobile operating system and it appears to have added no new features.

Microsoft Store has been updated to version 11712.1001.16.0 in the Production Ring (available for everyone). The updated version of Microsoft Store comes with performance improvements and bug fixes.

It appears that Microsoft has once again added highlight effect from the Fluent Design on the hamburger menu. Despite Microsoft put Windows 10 Mobile in maintenance mode, they are still updating the first-party applications with all necessary changes to keep the system running.

Microsoft recently introduced Fluent Design elements in the Windows 10 Store app and the update had revamped the interface. The Fluent Design was announced at the Build developer conference, the update added blur transparency effect, and it improved the look of Microsoft Store.

Microsoft, however, removed the Fluent Design from the Microsoft Store after receiving the backlash from Windows Phone users about the performance impact. Today’s update hints at Microsoft’s plans to bring back the other elements from the new design language with  the next major release. Only users enrolled in Production ring seem to be getting this update, you can update to the latest version by going to the Microsoft Store and navigating to Downloads -> Check for updates.

  • Péter Farkas

    i use windows 10 mobile.

  • WPJ

    My guess is that they’re using WM as a testbed and those who remained with the platform are all beta-testers. If they have indeed abandoned the platform then there’s like zero reason for them to play with enabling and disabling Fluent design themes and such. So I guess they’re trying to collect some performance data from the phones to be better prepared when launching a new device.